Church Links   

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The aims of our school are rooted in Christian values which permeate our worship and our learning. We have a focus on a different value every half term and we celebrate these values by visiting the church and also holding a special values service in school. The areas of reflection in our classrooms help us to remember to try and live according to the teachings of Jesus. We have special links with St Michael's Church in South Littleton and St Nicholas' in North and Middle Littleton and we are supported by our Foundation Governors Mrs Rachel Thould interim Ex-officio Governor, Mr Sean Witheford and Mr Robert Johnson. Here is the link to St Michael's Church

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The Diocese of Worcester also help guide us and we enjoyed a very special prayer day with Emma Pettifer when we wrote prayers to God and thought about our families and people around the world – we hope you enjoy our pictures.

As a church school we have a special inspection which looks at our Christian character – you can find this document in our publications page or under Ofsted and SIAS Inspections, it is called an S48 Inspection.