Jun 10

Tri-golf Tournament

Thursday 10th June 2016

Tri-golf tournament.

Today the Eagles class went to a tri-golf tournament at the Vale Golf Course. It was a beautiful day and there were so many other schools at the festival. We got to carry out a range of golfing activities which we gained points for. All of the children played extremely well and were very accurate with their pitching and putting skills.

We can’t wait to find out how we did against the other schools!

Apr 21

Summer Sports News

Thursday 5th may 2016

Last week The Falcons class took part in a rounders competition with Miss Kay. All children put their striking and fielding skills to the test and were determined to win their matches!

Cotswold and Vale teamed up and went against Malvern and Bredon.

It was such a close final score, with Malvern and Bredon getting a total of 7 points altogether, with Cotswold and Vale taking the lead with 8 ½ runs.

Well done to all of the children for the fantastic efforts that they showed.


Monday 18th April 2016

Summer Term Sports Clubs Begin!

This term we have a range of exciting new clubs for the children at The Littletons to take part in.

Mr Brown will be hosting an Olympics club, where children will get to take part in a range of Olympic sports. They will get to compete against their friends and improve their speed, stamina and strength.

Miss Wilson will continue her extremely popular netball club, where the children will get to take part in regular competitions, learn new skills, learn how to attack and defend, as well as representing the school.

Mrs Cuthbertson will be getting KS1 running, jumping and throwing in her new athletics club. They will get to throw a range of equipment like javelins, as well as running races against their friends!

Mrs Witheford will also continue her hockey club, learning new ways to dribble, control and shoot with a hockey ball. The children will also get to play hockey matches against each other and learn different positions within the sport.

Table tennis club will take place Wednesdays after school, with Ken, learning how to take part in the sport, as well as being involved in competitions against other schools in the Evesham area.

James from Sports Challenge will be hosting a Multi-sports club to give children a great experience in a number of exciting sports that they will love!

Miss Kay will be running a Striking and Fielding club after school on a Thursday, where children will get to practise their coordination, batting, fielding and running skills whilst playing cricket and rounders.