Jan 25

The Football League Begins!

The first match of the academic year is coming up and The Littleton’s football team are raring to go. Littleton will be playing a friendly match against Offenham First School on Friday 13th November 2015 and the children are excited to see how they will do in the first friendly game of the season. This will give the children an opportunity to practise their football skills ready for their first game of the league.

Jan 25

Football Trials

Last week the football trials took place during Wednesday lunchtime. Many of the year 4 and 5 children turned up to fight for their place in the football league. All footballers put in 110% and played an intense and skilful game.

The blue team managed to score 3 goals against the red team who scored 1 goal. There were some fantastic attacking and defensive skills in the game and it will be great to see these being put into place against other teams in the league.

The final team for the football league is as follows:

Alex Troth, Brandon Young, Carson Jones, Freddie Thomas, George Maskell, Harry Hawkins-Pitts, Harvey Gough, Henry Wheeler, JJ Johns, Lilliya McEwan, Sully Millimono