The Littletons Crew News

We love Open the Book

Every week we enjoy listening to and helping to tell stories from The Bible.


We invited our friends from Open the Book to join us for a morning of reflection and celebration.

We worked together in house groups and finished by presenting a huge thank you card while we sang and shared cake.

After the morning we all took time out to reflect on our thoughts and feelings.

Read some of the thoughtful comments made during the morning.

“God loves us and we have to follow him.”

“The story of the lost coin reminds us to keep looking.”

“The loaves and fish were for sharing.”

“Adam and Eve is a story about good and bad.”

“The lost coin teaches us to persevere.”

“You come to school to read us stories and to help God.”

“The story of Adam and Eve tells us to trust God and not strangers.”

“God tells us the right way to do things.”

“When the little boy shared his food it was a miracle.”

“We have a candle because Jesus is the light of the World.”

“They all shared.”

“God listens to us.”

“Amen means thank you for listening.”

“That song is just like our school.”

“It was great! I loved playing the instruments.” 

“The song made me feel really happy.”

“God sent the flood because he didn’t like people fighting with each other.”

“When I pray I put my hands together because heaven is up and your hands are pointing up to heaven.”

“When the fishermen went out they lost hope but believed in God so they caught lots of fish.”

“We ask God to help us”

“Jesus was kind.”

“We pray to God.”

“When you pray the words come out of your mouth and up to God.”

“Jesus is a survivor – we believe in God.”